Inspirational DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Additional plants are a great way to make your home more vibrant. It is difficult to place the plant indoors. You can also use some plant stands outdoors. At Wicker Warehouse you will find the best selection in Wicker Plant Stands that is perfect for your office, home or outdoor space.

The plant stand is more than just an aesthetic addition to the house. It also dresses the plants and adds character to the space. Plant stands are essential because they allow the plants to live longer. It is also more attractive to display them on a stand. These are some suggestions for mini gardens indoors or outdoors.

Copper round

If you prefer a traditional design for your plant stand, a copper round is a great choice. It is stronger and more durable than the other options. It is both modern and antique looking. For a more artistic look, however, the one-pot plant stand holds only one pot.


If you no longer need your lamp shade, don’t throw it away. It is possible to make a DIY plant stand from the size and shape of your lamp shade. The most useful is the lamp shade made of wire, which is strong enough to hold the plant. To prevent rust, paint the wire with oily spray paint.

Stand for teered plants

This is a great idea for interiors with limited space. Tiered plant stands, which are vertically mounted, can be used to store more pots. You can place a large number of pots in the holder because it is tiered. This is a great DIY stand for plants.

Stands for trash can plants

Another option is to place the plant in a trash can. Turn it upside down, then place the plant. There are many trash can designs to choose from, including vintage, minimalist and modern. The trash can can also works as a wicker plant stand.

Stand for a ladder plant

The ladder is a great horticulture innovation because it reduces the cost of gardening. Each tier on the ladder represents the location to place the plants. It can also be used for multiple plants. This idea works well for indoor gardening. This idea is good for small and medium plants.

Side table

A side table can work well as a plant stand. Side tables can serve as decoration or even a plant stand. The pot’s size may be affected by the size of the side table. The pot will be smaller if the table is smaller.

Style of the mid-century

It is similar to a tableside side table, with three legs. The main material for the side table is mid century style. It is made from wood, and the color of this creative indoor plant stand ideas brownish. It creates a classic effect in the space where it is placed. You can make the plant any size.

Raised planter

If you are afraid of rats or other animals, a raised planter may be the solution. The upper portion of the plant stand is a box, while the lower part can serve as a shelf. You can maximize space by having multiple plants in the same place.

Pot holder

This is a great idea if you have many plants that need to be displayed in one place. Although it looks similar to a shelf, a plant holder serves primarily for gardening. A plant stand can hold many holders at once. It is usually used for small plants, with flowers or greenery.

Rolling plant stand

This is a great way to place a large pot on a stand. You can move the plant easily with the rolling plant stand, which has wheels underneath the lay flat. You can easily move the plant if it requires sunlight. This type of plant stand is easy to make.

Spiral ladder

The classic and elegant look of the spiral ladder is a perfect combination of modernity and elegance. The ladder is not real ladder, as it was made specifically for the plant stand. Each step has a pot. This spiral ladder can be used indoors or outdoors.

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