Golden Fast Travel Pack: for Unlimited

Fast Travel in Horion Zero Dawn is a bit different from the usual method that we have come to expect from open world adventure games. It’s not like most. You must use Fast Travel Packs (equipment carried by Aloy) to make it work. The Golden Fast Travel Pack is the key to unlocking this mechanic and granting unlimited fast travel to any Campfire discovered.

How does Fast Travel Work?

How do I get the Golden Fast Travel Pack? And how can I unlock unlimited Horizon Zero Dawn fast travel? You can find all of this information in our guide below.

What is the Horizon Zero Dawn Golden fast travel pack like?

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Fast Travel revolves around Campfires, or more precisely Campfires that you have already seen.

It doesn’t matter if you have ever saved them or interacted with them. All that’s required is to be close enough to see the text telling you that it has been found. You can then quickly travel to the location if you have a Golden fast travel pack.

These items are usually found in the beginning stages of the game from vendors, or, if you’re really lucky, a random crate, or slain enemy.

These packs are one-time consumables that you can only use once. You’ll have to stock up if you want fast travel – which you will likely do as the game progresses.

How to Get the Horizon Zero Dawn Golden Fast Travel Pack?

The Golden Fast Travel Pack is here. This pack, which is incredibly useful and narrated, but not explained, will allow you to travel unlimited times without having to stock up on inventory.

It can be obtained from many Traders in the world of Horizon. However, we purchased ours from the merchant outside Meridian, near the big bridge that leads into the city.

What is the price of the Golden Fast Travel Pack? It’s actually quite affordable?

50 Metal Shards can be obtained from many sources, but most often from slain machines and selling items to merchants.

1 Fox Skin – This is a bit more difficult, but not impossible to get. This skin is randomly obtained from wild Foxes that you can hunt anywhere on this map. The best forests are usually the best. We found one after killing only a few, so it shouldn’t take long.

10 Fatty Meat- This is another easy one to find. You can find it from any wild animal that you hunt.

It can take a lot of time to move Aloy from one place to the next. We’re here to show you how to travel unlimited distances in Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon: Zero Dawn will teach you how to run between different locations. Next, you’ll learn how to unlock a mount that allows you to travel faster. Finally, you can fast travel between campsfires or settlements.