The Best “Travel Shampoo” for light

Travel Light

Since 2010, I have been traveling with only carry-on luggage. This is 7kg for clothes and toiletries, so I am always looking for lighter products. This week, I am testing Travel shampoo.

Shampoo for Travel

It’s amazing how important hair can be to our appearance. Everybody spends time and effort to get their hair perfect: We use hair products, shampoos, conditioners and hair cuts. What about when you’re traveling? I recommend that you leave your hair natural and let the curls take control. Experiment with your real self!

You still have to wash. Some people have stopped using. However, I still love a good lather at home and on vacation.

Since many years, I have been traveling with small Travel-sized bottles. I leave the large Travel shampoo and conditioner bottles at home. A small travel-sized bottle of will last me for two weeks based on how much I use it. If I stay in a hotel, the complimentary is available. Most hotels now offer a combination body and hair wash.

If you do not want to bring your own and you like me want to travel light and avoid unnecessary spillage, I suggest you use a compact or compressed Travel Shampoo.

For my recent trip to Japan, I purchased one of these Lush Travel Shampoos. It smells amazing! Although I did not need every hotel has wonderful products. However, this compact cake was a nice addition to my stay.

It lathers really well when I returned from home. This small tin, also from Lush, is perfect for transport.

There are many benefits to travelling with soap in a small container versus liquid soap. The soap weighs less than liquid soap and you can keep your liquid limit to 900ml. You don’t need to worry about how much liquid you have in your bag. The soap won’t leak over other items or clothes.

You can go the compact route (Planepack) by visiting the Lush store. They have many Travel shampoo options. We’d love to know what dry or other travel shampoo you recommend for light travel.