Here are some tips to make sure your roof installation or repair goes smoothly

It can be a thrilling moment to get a new roof. The act of ripping off the old roof and starting the construction and laying of your new roof can be quite spectacular. Safety is a key aspect of roof work. This includes roofers as well as anyone who lives or visits the property during the works. You’ll receive the highest quality products and roof repairs nashville services, at the very best prices.

It is important to keep in mind that your property will be considered a building zone while any roofing work takes place. A new roof can present unexpected dangers. This checklist will help to protect your home, pets, family members, roofers, and anyone else who may be visiting the area.

These are our top tips to help you prepare for your new roof or roof repair and make it as easy as possible.

Children and pets

Loud noises from the property can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep patterns. It may seem fun to observe from a safe distance, but the noise can become disturbing and persistent as roofing repairs take place.

Children and pets younger than 5 years old may not be aware of these dangers. It may be easier to evacuate the property while your roof repairs are underway. We recommend that pets and children be kept away from any vehicle work on the property.

Vehicle safety and accessibility during roof installation or repair

It is important that the roofing company has easy access to all the tools, materials, and equipment they require to work on a property.

We recommend that you park your vehicle in a designated area and that you move it to avoid any debris falling on them.

Remove wall decorations from roof work

You may feel vibrations from equipment and hammering through walls, especially if you need to replace wood work below the frame.

It is a good idea to walk through the rooms below your roof, removing ornaments, photos, and valuables that are sat on shelves or hanging from your walls.

It is also possible to take out any light fixtures.

Cover your belongings in the attic when you replace your roof

During roof repairs or new roof installations, there will be lots of foot traffic on your roof. To avoid dust and debris, it is a good idea to cover any attic items that may be exposed to the elements and machinery.

You can keep your personal items clean by using old sheets and drop cloths until the roof work is completed.

Remove garden furniture from the work area

The roof repair debris can cause damage to your garden. We recommend that you clear all garden furniture, potted plants and umbrellas. It is best to make sure your pets only enter the garden when it is safe for them and that children are made aware of the fact that the garden must be cleared during work hours.

Before construction starts, cut trees and grass.

When working on roofing jobs, low hanging branches can pose problems. Before we start work, it is a good idea to trim any low-hanging branches.

Drop cloths are used to protect grass and plants in the vicinity of any work that we do. This allows for easier cleanup as the grass won’t get mucky.

Remove antennas or satellite dishes

There are times when you may need to take down satellite dishes or an antenna attached to your property.

We can help you decide the best course of action if this is something that you feel may be necessary.

Chat with your neighbours

Our clients are advised to inform their neighbors that roof work is underway. They will have the opportunity to adjust their schedules and to ensure that their property is safe before the work begins.

During roof repairs, be aware of construction sites

It can be risky to have work done on your property. Many unexpected obstacles, such as ladders, extension leads and heavy equipment can be encountered. It can be dangerous to walk under scaffolding while work is underway.

Remember that disruptions and inconveniences are temporary and the end result will be worth it.