Recently, my wife and I stayed at Palladium for three consecutive weeks. We were never approached by the Palladium Travel Club, and we weren’t bothered. I asked about it. As a frequent visitor, I was familiar with some of the information available about the club. My first contact was a personal concierge who I met while on a rest break. She made arrangements for our presentation and offered to make reservations for breakfast and dinner at Royal Suites El Jardin for us.

 Palladium Travel Club Representative

A Palladium travel club representative picked us up at our hotel and drove us to White Sands’ sales office, which is located next to the pontoon boat Dock. When we were asked to bring I.D. in advance, we were slightly concerned. We were slightly concerned when we were asked to bring I.D. (driver’s licence or passport) along with a major credit card. They wanted to ensure that we had all the documents we needed in case we were impulsive buyers. No one bothered to look at our I.D. Our I.D. or CC’s were not examined. However, if any of our CC digits matched a preselected number, we could win a few free Spa sessions. (No CC’s were matched).

The presentation of the Palladium travel club would last approximately 90 minutes, according to our sources. It took 90 minutes, true to their word. One-on-one with a sales representative, we were seated at a desk and explained the club’s operation. He also answered any questions. The presentation was not stressful or uncomfortable. We could leave at any moment, and we didn’t have to ask permission. Your presence at the Travel Club is a sign that you are interested in it. The professional sales staff will only try to sell you their product. During the presentation, there is a full service bar that serves top-quality liquors. Waiter service is also available. A guided tour of the resort, including all the different room categories, was also provided. Below is a summary of the sales presentation, and two follow up consultations.

The Palladium Travel Club does not offer timeshare. There are no restrictions on travel dates or unit sizes. There are no annual fees, property taxes, maintenance charges, or deeds.

You can travel to any Palladium Resort in five different countries with the PTC whenever you want and as many times as you wish. You can also use thousands of Resorts Condominiums International properties (RCI), located near you and all over the globe. Club plans can be tailored to suit your financial situation, family size, and future vacation requirements. You pay only when you travel. Your membership privileges may be extended to family members or friends.


You can choose from a variety of vacation blocks at Palladium Resorts: 20 weeks, 30 or 120 weeks. You will also get an equal number weeks that can be used at RCI properties during membership. You will also receive a number free vacation weeks. The number of weeks you get depends on which plan you choose and how skilled you are at negotiating. You still have to pay for your stay at the Palladium during your non-free weeks, but at deep discounts of up to 40%. Rates will vary depending on the resort you choose and the room category (standard, junior suite, cabana, cabana), season (high or low holidays) and what time of year. RCI properties have different rates.