How to Ship a Car (2022 Guide).

A broker is a good choice when you are trying to decide how to ship your car. Auto shipping brokers have access to a wide network of drivers in order to find the best deals for customers. A dedicated broker can be the best way to match customers and carriers because of the logistics involved. Long Distance Towing is a reliable car transport service within the United States. We are committed to meet all of your vehicle shipping needs. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you are satisfied starting from the moment we offer you a price until the moment your Shipping a car from copart auto auction at the destination. Whether you wish to transport your car or truck, van, boat, motorcycle or RV, Long Distance Towing can offer auto transport services to any place within the United States and to 99% of the globe. Shipping a car from New York is our specialty and we want to please. We choose with great care our auto transporters.

Although auto shipping brokers may not be the same, they all use the same shipping method. Here’s how to ship your car with a broker.

1. Submit car shipment information

First, get quotes from several brokers. You will usually need to provide the following information when you request a quote:

  • Year, make, and type of vehicle
  • Drop-off and pick up locations
  • Delivery and pick-up dates
  • Type of transport service required (open carrier, enclosed carrier).
  • Status of vehicle operability (driveable or non-driveable)

While some brokers will offer an instant quote immediately, others may request your contact information so they can call or email you for more information. Because some brokers allow their carriers to make offers on your shipment, Once they have determined the best offer, they will contact you to discuss your options.

The broker will give you an estimate of the cost of shipping your car. Your final rate won’t be locked until you have been matched with a carrier, or in certain cases until your vehicle has been delivered.

2. Compare the quotes and choose a company

After receiving multiple quotes, you can compare them and choose the one you feel most comfortable with handling your shipment. Then, you’ll need to verify with your carrier the cost as well as pickup and drop-off times. You may need to pay a partial deposit.

3. Get ready to drive

You will need to empty your vehicle of all personal items in order to prepare it. This will reduce the vehicle’s weight and help you save on shipping costs. You should not leave your car with more than a quarter of a tank of gas.

4. Drop off your vehicle

Take your vehicle to the pickup point (or the driver in the case door-to-door shipping). Before your vehicle is loaded onto the truck, the driver and you will inspect it for damage. The driver will inspect the vehicle for damage and you’ll sign a document noting any.

5. Wait for delivery

Many of the top vehicle transport brokers keep in touch with their clients throughout the entire auto shipping process. Others provide GPS tracking, while others provide updates via text.

6. Pay the remaining balance when you pick up your vehicle

You must inspect the vehicle again after it is delivered. You will sign a bill and make final payments to your driver if applicable.

Tips for Shipping a Car

These tips will help you save money when shipping your car.

Book early: You will get a lower rate if you book your auto transport quote in advance. Agents will forward your job to carriers that may be interested in your contract. You have a better chance of getting a great deal the longer you wait.

Flexibility is key: You will have more options if you are flexible about drop-off and delivery times. Carriers will choose the jobs that work best for their schedules. You’ll get a better deal if you can work around the carrier’s schedule.

Consider terminal-to-terminal: If possible, ship to and from a central terminal instead of having your car picked up and delivered to your door. This is often much cheaper. Keep in mind that not all auto transporters offer terminal-to-terminal services.

Open shipping is cheaper than shipping with an enclosed trailer. Open shipping is a cost-saving option if you don’t have a vehicle with low clearance or a classic vehicle.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping: It is important to reduce the vehicle’s weight. You should wash your vehicle and make sure you have a quarter of a tank of fuel left. You should ensure that there is enough gas left in your car to allow it to be driven on the trailer.