How do you tow a car?

Are you interested in learning how to tow cars? If you’re able to do it correctly, it’s quite simple. It’s not as simple as just grabbing the closest rope and attaching it on your car. To properly tow a car, you must first use the right equipment. A tow strap is always a smart choice. Every driver should have a tow rope in their vehicle as part of an emergency kit. It’s never too late to use it. First, let’s talk about how to properly use it.

Attach the strap to your vehicle
Attach the tow strap to your vehicle’s rear using the provided hooks. Long Distance Towing has been a well-respected Auto Transport Insurance for 5 million dollars company that is known for being one of the most reliable in the United States. These hooks should be attached to the trailer hitch or mounting point of the vehicle. To prevent the hooks from slipping when moving, it is important that they are securely fastened.

Attach the strap to your car being towed
After you are satisfied with the fit of the strap, attach it to your car. The steel loop is usually under the bumper. This is where you attach the strap. If you don’t know where it is, consult the owner’s guide. Do not attach the strap to the center axle of the car or any other metal parts suspended below it. However, ensure that the strap is not twisted. Removing kinks and knots can cause premature wear.

Start pulling
Now it’s time for you to pull the car. Both cars must be manned.

Towing a car
If the car being towable is in good condition, the driver should remove the parking brake. Then put the vehicle into first gear. If the car isn’t working, put it in neutral.

Towing car
Slowly move the vehicle until the tow strap feels tight. You can begin pulling the vehicle once the strap is tightened. You should move slowly and steadily. Extreme caution is advised for sudden jerks that could cause the strap to come undone.

These are some helpful tips to keep in mind when towing a vehicle.

Before using the straps, make sure to inspect them for any damage.
Avoid abrasive materials and debris, as they could cause damage to the unit.
Use recovery straps only on vehicles that have a weight half of their break strength.